3 Happy Things This Week #6

Happy Monday! I really wanted to get my head down and brainstorm some blogging ideas this week as I’ve been really slack with it, but this week has been super busy so looking forward to catching up with some blogging today! This week has also also been pretty great though, and I have plenty of reasons to be happy but here are my Top 3…

1. My Friend’s Wedding

This started off a little stressful for me this week, as plans shifted and I was pretty nervous to travel quite far on my own to attend my friend’s Wedding as i’m a pretty new driver but i’m so glad I did as it was amazing. I’ve had so many Weddings this year, and i’m loving every single one of them. From watching the nervous Groom, to the Bride’s entrance, the vows, the speeches, the first dance etc – i’m a complete Wedding addict and if I could go to one every day I would! I’ve been friends with this lady a few years, and it was just amazing to see her, her partner and their beautiful daughter to incredibly happy. Gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling all week, and made me really excited to get planning ours


2. Cousin’s Birthday

This week marked my Cousin’s 21st Birthday, which was so important for our family. He has had a really tough year, and has overcome things I don’t think I ever could and i’m in awe of his strength. He’s still not 100%, but being out with all the family and his friends having a laugh and enjoying himself was so lovely to see and has been the thing that’s made me happiest this week!

3. Quality Me Time

Everybody who knows me knows that i’m an advocate for ‘Me Time’ and I always make sure I have some alone time planned to just relax and get my mind together. Recently things have been really chaotic, and I’ve found myself struggling more than ever with anxiousness and constant migraines, as well as feeling so run down but this week I had an unexpected gap in my schedule and it was just what I needed. I’ve managed to take myself to the cinema alone, catch up on reading, have a nice relaxing bath and get some early nights- it’s been just what my body and mind needed!


Hope you’ve all had a lovely week- what do you do to relax when you get some free time to yourself?

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3 Happy Things This Week #2

I’ve missed a couple of these! Not because I wasn’t happy, just because I was totally slack – but i’ve made a promise to myself that I will keep up to these from now on

1. Time with Me, Myself & I 


I’ve always been a bit of a loner. Not in a ‘I have no friends’ sort of way, but in a way where I love my own company. I learned this from my Dad, and I always thought it was totally normal until I got a little older and realised that none of my friends took themselves out for a coffee or had a solo date to the cinema. Still, that didn’t stop me. Although i’m also extremely sociable and love hanging out with friends & family, my time alone to read, think & relax is the time I value the most. I always make sure that at least once a week I make time to spend some alone time with my, myself and I and this week I did just that. Sat in Costa Coffee with my phone in my pocket with no distractions and just people watching was such a lovely & relaxing way to start the day

2. Bridesmaid Day


It is now 32 days until my Brother and his lovely Fiancee Catherine finally tie the knot in Italy and I seriously can’t wait. Saturday afternoon was spent with all the Bridesmaids catching up, laughing, eating delicious cake & getting seriously excited for an amazing holiday in Lucca. It’s a week until our final dress fittings, and only 3 weeks on Friday until we jet out for 2 weeks of total bliss

3. Sunday Morning Bike Ride


I always feel so much better starting the day with exercise, especially when it’s out in the fresh air. Sunday is my favourite day’s to do this, as then I have no guilty feeling as I lay about in my pyjamas for the rest of the day watching crap films. On Sunday morning I managed to actually get my totally lazy guy out of bed for a 10 mile bike ride (with the promise that he would obviously catch loads of Pokemon – which he did). We cycled on the canal to Saltaire, around Saltaire and eventually stopped outside a lovely Italian cafe for a cappuccino before beginning the route home. Just as we got 10 minutes away from home, the heavens opened and absolutely drenched us but as we’d just climbed a huge hill it was the perfect way to cool down. The afternoon was definitely spent guilt free, cosy & with a delicious Sunday roast

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Tips To Curb Sugar Cravings

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Oh god, not another one of those lists that don’t actually help me at all’ *rolls eyes* – I hear ya! I’ve read lists like this before (with no disrespect to the authors), but they included things like ‘instead of eating a chocolate bar, have a raisin’ – are you for real? I can eat a packet of raisins, and still have room for that man size Yorkie. You may read what I have to say and think the same, but sugar cravings are something that I deal with every minute of every day because I have a massive sweet tooth so I’ve tried a lot of things to help me curb them – below are some of my favourites

1. Water

I can already see your confused expression as this one is probably worse than the raisin suggestion – but bear with me. As I work in an office, I drink a lot of water throughout the day anyway which tends to help, so if you are lacking on water intake during the day, upping that will definitely help. Something I’ve been trialing recently, is having a pint of water in a morning before I eat anything. I don’t mean chug until you feel sick, but as soon as you wake up pour out the pint of water and simply sip on that throughout the morning and don’t eat until you’re done. I try to do this before all my meals (especially on an evening) and it honestly helps your body realise when it’s full a lot quicker & stops you from over-eating

2. Nuts

I’ve never really been a big fan of eating nuts (unless they’re baked in brownies of course) but they’re actually such a great source of nutrition – I particularly love almonds. When I have been having my water in a morning & on an evening, I’ve been having a handful of nuts to go a long with it. They’re a great source of nutrition, and again make you feel a little bit more full before a big meal to curb the over eating

3. Evening Plans

If you’re like me, it’s the evening that really gets you with the snacks. I can have the healthiest breakfast & lunch, workout after work and feel so great but the longer I am sat on the sofa in front of that TV, the longer the devil on the should has to whisper ‘heey you know there’s a jar of Nutella and a spoon in the kitchen – just sayin..’

My usual routine…

  • When i’m home I get ready and go out for a walk/workout for 35-40 minutes
  • Then I cook dinner, which I’ve been spending more time on recently with healthy recipes
  • I then shower/bath and get my clothes & lunch ready for work the next day
  • BRUSH MY TEETH . Doing this early straight after eating has really helped me freshen my mouth so that if I cave on snacking it doesn’t taste as good and makes me not want to do it next time
  • Before you know it most of the evening has passed and you only have an hour or so to watch a bit of TV/read before bed!

4. Baking Healthy Treats

One thing I have really gotten into recently, is baking some healthy alternatives to sweet treats. Making the treats from scratch and avoiding all the nasty hidden extras they add to shop bought ones make the treats much healthier for you, and are guilt free when you fancy a splurge on a Saturday night! When you look at the packaging of the things you put in your body everyday, it’s actually astounding how much sugar they manage to cram into such small treats – Stevia is a great alternative to sugar so make sure it’s stocked in your pantry. I recently made some Banana Muffins which were delicious, and have plans to make lots more of these sorts of recipes. Chocolate Covered Katie is a real favourite of mine for guilt free sweet treats

5. Meditate

Of course – meditate. Everybody who knows me knows that I am THE ambassador for anything spiritual, especially meditating as the benefits are endless. Without going into all the boring details, you should definitely try it. I meditate daily, but when I’m having a particularly bad craving day it’s always good to get into the zone and om your way out of a Galaxy bar!

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