Easy Vegan Burritos

I LOVE burritos/wraps/bowls- whatever you want to call them or however you want to have them, they’re delicious! This is one of my staple meals that I make probably every week as it’s delicious, filling, healthy & usually flows into the next days Lunch too- winner!

What Will I Need?

– Quorn Chicken Pieces
– Cumin
– Paprika
– Oil
– Red Onion
– Fresh Chilli
– Corriander
– Tomatoes
– Peppers
– Lettuce
– Cucumber
– Wholemeal wrap (optional)
– Salsa/Guac (optional)

What Do I Do?

If you’re sceptical about Quorn, I hear ya! When I first became vegetarian I hated the thought of eating something that was trying to be meat as I really don’t like the texture and thought it would freak me out. I avoided Quorn for a long time, but then I discovered these lovely chicken pieces when I was away with my family and my Brother cooked it- and I LOVED it. I don’t like the chicken breasts/steaks etc but the pieces are perfect for salads/wraps/curries as they don’t have a chewy texture, but it makes your meat free meal a lot more substantial

OK so, first of all I spray some fry light oil into a wok and chuck in my Quorn chicken pieces- I use a couple of handfuls as I usually have it for my Dinner and Lunch the following day. Once the ‘quicken’ (as I like to call it) is in the pan, I add some paprika and cumin (amount depends on your preference) and leave this to cook for 10-15 minutes on a low heat as I get everything else prepared


Next I chopp my wrap ingredients – a handful of lettuce, half a red onion, large handful of coriander, 1 tomato, half a pepper and half a red chilli. I recommend really finely dicing these ingredients (especially onion and coriander) as it makes the ingredients all mix together a lot smoother


Now I add these ingredients to my wrap! You don’t have to have a wrap of course- I usually do for my Dinner to make it more filling, but for Lunch I tend to have it it as a burrito bowl/salad to keep it lighter

After adding my salad ingredients, I then add the ‘Quicken’ pieces, followed by my chosen sauces. Mine of course was my homemade salsa and guac!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

This probably takes me 20 minutes to make max and it’s so delicious and filling! Whats one of your staple mid-week meals?

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Fresh Salsa & Guacamole Recipe

I adore fresh & healthy burritos, especially with seasoned quorn chicken and some home made salsa & guac. I made black bean burritos for my family this weekend, and had some of my dips left over for a naked burrito/salad this week and it was delicious.

I thought i’d share with you my favourite recipes for Salsa & Guacamole…

Medium Fresh Salsa

What Will I Need?

– 1 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
– 1 Bell Pepper (chopped)
– 1 Red Onion (diced)
– 1 Lime
– Handful of Coriander
– 1tsp Ground Cumin
– 1 Red Chilli
– Salt & Pepper

What Do I Do?

After dicing the ingredients finely, add them all to a bowl plus the juice of 1 full lime & mix

Chunky Guacamole

What Will I Need?

– 1 Large Tomato
– 1 :Lime
– 2 Ripe & Ready Avocados
– 1 Red Onion
– 1 Red Chilli
– Handful of Coriander

What Do I Do?

Finely chop the tomato & add to a bowl. Half the avocado, remove the stone and scoop out the flesh – chop this up onto small pieces (not necessary, but I find it easier to mix) and add this to your bowl. Then add your finely diced onion, chilli & coriander. Squeeze the juice of 1 full lime into your bowl and mix. To get a good consistency, I tend to use a potato masher to really mix all ingredients together

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