3 Happy Things This Week #5

Happy Monday everybody! It’s officially my last in the country & work for 2 beautiful weeks. I can’t wait! This week has been yet another hectic one, but equally as lovely…

1. Date Night
Wednesday we went and met our 2 best friends and ate the most delicious Indian food at the Aagrah buffet, followed by seeing Finding Dory! If you haven’t seen this film yet, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Sometimes follow up films can kill it a bit and that’s what I was worried about, but it was brilliant. So clever (as always Disney), hilarious and totally freakin’ emotional. Perfect hump day plans!

2. Hot Tub Weekend
This weekend marked my beautiful big sisters big 30 and we celebrated in style (and by style I mean just really really drunk). Instead of going out for a meal we decided to spend that money on hiring a hot tub for my sisters garden & having a BBQ and it was perfect. All day drinking meant I ended up with an early-ish night and no hangover on the Sunday – winning!


3. Sundays with Dave
I’ve been so busy recently and Dave has been working so much it has been a while since we spent the night just relaxing together but Sunday we did just that. After ordering our body weight in Indian food, we put on a war film and had a cosy Sunday night in before the hectic week ahead

Hope you all had a lovely week x

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