Are The High Streets Plotting Against Us?

You know what i’m talking about. When you’re feeling good and decide to go out and spoil yourself with some new clothes, but before you know it you’re on your way home with no bags in sight and feeling significantly less confident about your appearance.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it sometimes feels like H&M have thought ‘OK, great idea – let’s size our clothes around 2 times smaller than all the other shops and get her feeling really insecure, then New Look are you OK to go around 1 times smaller than average? That’ll really get her confused and then BAM – Primark, you swoop in and have that exact same size a bit BIG and before you know it the roller coaster of emotions will cause her to have a meltdown in one of the changing rooms and question everything she’s eaten in the past month. Lol’

OK maybe i’m being slightly dramatic, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that sizes are absolutely ridiculous. I can go shopping in the City to a few shops and I can vary anywhere between a size 12 to a size 20 depending on where I am and what I try on. There was a time when I would let the number on the clothes bring me down so much, even though I never knew which one was accurate because they all differed so much. I don’t know why we feel so ashamed when we have to buy the next size up, and this is what I have eventually drilled into myself. Who gives a fuck if you have to buy a size bigger or smaller?

After time you tend to get a sense of what size you are in each different shop to avoid the confusion and embarrassment, but even when you think you’ve nailed it they can sometimes throw in a curve ball and confuse you all over again. Rather than letting this bring me down, I’ve been trying on a couple of different sizes with everything that I like and not looking at the size tag before I purchase. Whichever one makes me feel comfortable & beautiful, then that’s the one I want regardless of what the number is. It’s time we stopped getting ourselves so worked up with what our size we should be and simply wear what size we are.

Obviously health is absolutely important and we should always strive to be the healthiest version of ourselves, but happiness also plays a big part in that. Just like Your Appearance Doesn’t Define You, neither does your size.

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2 thoughts on “Are The High Streets Plotting Against Us?

  1. This is my most annoying thing EVER! I hate not being able to just walk into a shop and buy something without having to try it on first. Also I tried a pair of size 16 shorts on in H&M the other week and couldn’t button them up (I usually wear a 12!). CHEERS H&M x
    Sophie Cliff


    • It’s insane isn’t it! Makes you feel like your weight fluctuates from day to day when in reality it’s that nobody knows how to standardise a size anymore.
      Oh how I wish I was a boy sometimes! X


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