3 Happy Things This Week #4

This week has been a super busy one, as I expect the next couple to be leading up to our holiday. It’s always the case isn’t it? Like life is exhausting you before your holiday so that you’re really ready for it & appreciate it. Aside from all the craziness, it’s also been pretty lovely..

1. Final Bridesmaid Fitting

Shit. Is. Getting. Real. We had our final Bridesmaid dress fitting this week, and for the first time in months my dress zipped all the way up without me having to hold my breath and pass out – result. I can’t believe that it’s the last time we’ll all be at the shop trying our dresses on, and next time will be the morning of the Wedding! So excited to collect the beauty and just stare at it up until my flight

2. Blog Stats

I don’t write this blog because I believe I will make something out of it, I simply have it as a creative outlet and a fun hobby of mine – but good stats help don’t they? Last week was a really positive one for me, and it reassured me that i’m not just sat here talking to myself the entire time and people are actually listening which is a good feeling

3. Productive Saturday

After I spent the morning cleaning and Dave working we headed up to his Mum’s to celebrate her Birthday armed with lots of cake for a brew. We then spent the afternoon getting final holiday bits, followed by a night of Suicide Squad & devouring a Pizza Hut with Dave’s sister and her girlfriend. You know when you have one of those days where it feels like it never ends and there are more hours than usual? Perfect way to spend a Saturday!

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