3 Happy Things This Week #3

Happy August!!! Today is the start of a really exciting month for our family, so I have a million reasons to be happy this week but here are a few that jump out..

1. Flaming Land with the bestie

Tuesday I booked the day off work and met my friend Becky at Flamingo Land for the day and it was so much fun. Last time I went I was 18 years old, but I used to go loads when I was a kid so it was really nostalgic. We spent most of the day screaming in poor animals faces, attempting to snapchat on rides without breaking our phones & getting our body weight in sugar at the pic n mix counter – perfect start to the week!


2. Exciting Blog Conversations

I started this blog as an outlet, but it’s become a hobby of mine and I love brainstorming new ideas. I’ve had a few conversations about new ideas for the blog that i’m really excited about, including a fresh new look so watch this space!

3. Hen Do!

Saturday marked the final Hen Do for my Sister in Law to be (yep, she’s had a couple) and it was absolutely amazing. We started with a few classy drinks with just the Bridesmaids before the chaos erupted and I spent most of Sunday under a duvet and eating far too much pizza trying to recover. Ace!


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