Why I Adore Coconut Oil

Ingredient that’s always stocked? Coconut oil. Favourite hair treatment? Coconut oil. Favourite skincare product?

My favourite thing about coconut oil is that it’s so versatile – I can use it for pretty much anything and everything (& believe me I do). When I first invested in a jar I thought ‘good gracious this is huge it’s going to take me forever to get through all this’ – lol. How naive I was! I think that giant jar lasted me around 2 weeks, and I have been constantly stocking it up ever since

When shopping for this lovely jar of goodness, you may notice that there are a few that vary quite differently in price. It’s important to know that I use virgin coconut oil (which tends to be the more expensive one), and have never tried refined. The reason refined coconut oil is usually cheaper is because it is not made from fresh coconuts (so doesn’t taste or smell like coconut) and has usually undergone a lot of processing before it’s sold, which is why I believe that in this case it’s always better to spend a little more. Although virgin coconut oil is a bit more expensive, it’s usually completely natural and made from deliciously fresh coconuts and the less processing done to a product (especially one that’s going to be consumed) is a lot better for us. Here are a few of my favourite ways to use it…

1. Cooking
Goes without saying that this is naturally used as an alternative to other more fattening oils as it’s so much better for us, and has a huge list of health benefits (healthy fat, improves digestion, immune system etc). Whenever I cook anything in a pan, this is what I use to get me started and it always adds a hint of flavour to what i’m cooking too. As well as using it as a substitute to oil, you can also use it for smoothies, homemade bars and even in your coffee

2. Hair Treatment
I dye my hair a lot, so it’s important that I take care of it to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Whenever I dye my hair a new & crazy colour I get the same question ‘how do you dye it so much and keep it in such good condition?’ – coconut oil. Are you sick of me saying those 2 words yet?! I’ve tried a couple of hair masks in the past, but as soon as I started using this I didn’t need to again as it  moisturises your hair and scalp, leaving with you a lovely shine! Soemtimes I use just the oil, but other times I add things to the mask to mix things up a bit (such as lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang etc)

3. Skin Care
Last but absolutely not least – skin care. I have the most sensitive skin, and when it comes to a moisturiser specifically everything seems to irritate my face but this oil is so gentle on my skin that it just leaves it feeling soft & fresh (with no red puffiness). I sometimes use it as an exfoliator for my face and for my legs before I shave them mixing coconut oil with some brown sugar – amazing

The list is endless for this lovely stuff – you can use it as for your cuticles, cold sores, dry hands, lips, stretch marks, sunburn etc but these are just my 3 favourite ways – what are yours?

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