3 Happy Things This Week #2

I’ve missed a couple of these! Not because I wasn’t happy, just because I was totally slack – but i’ve made a promise to myself that I will keep up to these from now on

1. Time with Me, Myself & I 


I’ve always been a bit of a loner. Not in a ‘I have no friends’ sort of way, but in a way where I love my own company. I learned this from my Dad, and I always thought it was totally normal until I got a little older and realised that none of my friends took themselves out for a coffee or had a solo date to the cinema. Still, that didn’t stop me. Although i’m also extremely sociable and love hanging out with friends & family, my time alone to read, think & relax is the time I value the most. I always make sure that at least once a week I make time to spend some alone time with my, myself and I and this week I did just that. Sat in Costa Coffee with my phone in my pocket with no distractions and just people watching was such a lovely & relaxing way to start the day

2. Bridesmaid Day


It is now 32 days until my Brother and his lovely Fiancee Catherine finally tie the knot in Italy and I seriously can’t wait. Saturday afternoon was spent with all the Bridesmaids catching up, laughing, eating delicious cake & getting seriously excited for an amazing holiday in Lucca. It’s a week until our final dress fittings, and only 3 weeks on Friday until we jet out for 2 weeks of total bliss

3. Sunday Morning Bike Ride


I always feel so much better starting the day with exercise, especially when it’s out in the fresh air. Sunday is my favourite day’s to do this, as then I have no guilty feeling as I lay about in my pyjamas for the rest of the day watching crap films. On Sunday morning I managed to actually get my totally lazy guy out of bed for a 10 mile bike ride (with the promise that he would obviously catch loads of Pokemon – which he did). We cycled on the canal to Saltaire, around Saltaire and eventually stopped outside a lovely Italian cafe for a cappuccino before beginning the route home. Just as we got 10 minutes away from home, the heavens opened and absolutely drenched us but as we’d just climbed a huge hill it was the perfect way to cool down. The afternoon was definitely spent guilt free, cosy & with a delicious Sunday roast

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