The Vegan Kind Subscription #2

This week my second Vegan Kind subscription box arrived and it was so exciting. I had seen no brief spoilers on Instagram this time, so everything I got when I opened the box was a complete surprise and definitely perked up a dull week. This week I’ve been sampling all the goodies I got (and i’m already way too excited for the next one)…

1. Conscious Chocolate Goji & Coconut Bar

This was by far my favourite thing in the box. So much so that I’m going to have to order a selection of flavours, and have it as my go to bar for a chocolate fix. It’s made from organic Goji berries, coconut chips & cacoa, meaning that it’s gluten, dairy & soya free. It has a really rich dark chocolatey taste, with hint of sweet berry & coconut and a totally gooey texture. It’s only a small bar, but it’s definitely all you need for a sweet fix

FullSizeRender (1)

2. Angelic Chocolate Coconut & Oat Slices

These were so yummy – even my family loved them. You get quite a big pack of 5 decent sized slices, and they’re just the right mix of oaty nutty & chocolatey-ness (definitely a real word). Angelic pride themselves on being 100% natural and totally gluten free. These delicious bars are a perfect afternoon snack, and totally guilt free


3. Harpers Bizarre Raspberry Kind Candle

Did you know candles contained animal fat? I know this might be ridiculous coming from a vegetarian who openly discusses animal cruelty but I actually had no idea at all and this totally opened my eyes – which I guess is the point of the box for me! These candles use absolutely no animal products, and this amazing company also donate profits regularly to dog sanctuaries. Although these candles are made differently, I have to say it’s the strongest scented candle I’ve ever had. As soon I opened the tin the fresh scent was amazing, and as soon as it was lit it filled my house. Will definitely be my new go to place for scented candles


4. Oloves Chilli & Garlic

LOVED these! They are the perfect snack. I’m quite an olive fan anyway – the saltiness draws me in – but these were even tastier. At only 48 calories for the bag, these are amazing. They’re not too spicy but have a nice kick to them, and they’re all fresh and natural without a stone in sight!


5. Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze

In my opinion, these taste no different (if not better) than cola bottles – and absolutely no animal cruelty was involved. Awesome. My sweet-a-holic boyfriend tried these and even he was a fan (and believe me, that is a testament). I personally think cola bottles are far too fizzy, so much so that you can taste how unnatural they are but these are just the right amount of flavour. They’re tangy but they don’t burn your tongue, and they’re so moreish!


6. Virtue Ice Tea

It was nice to get a bit of liquid in this box and break it up a little bit. I’ve never tried (or even seen) Virtue cans but this was delicious. Their mission is ‘to provide positive energy to as many people as possible’ and they do this through their energy water with zero sugar, zero calories & zero sweeteners – everything comes from natural sources. They also donate 500L of clean drinking water with drop4drop so definitely a go to feel good drink. I’m not a huge fan of ice tea, but this was still really nice and i’m looking forward to trying the other flavours!


7. Yushoi Snap Pea Rice Sticks

If i’m honest when I saw this packed I wasn’t sure. ‘Soy & Balsamic Vinegar Snap Pea Rice Sticks’ just doesn’t scream delicious does it? But I was definitely mistaken! These were such a nice texture, and absolutely packed full of flavour. They’re baked crisps, which are totally free of nuts & diary, and are high in protein & fibre so a rare guilt free bag of crisps!


8. Added extra – Plant BBQ book!

This was such a nice addition to the box. Plants on Fire BBQ recipes is packed full of amazing ideas for the upcoming Summer months (now we’re slowly starting to see some sunshine finally) so you don’t have to miss out on that delicious smelling BBQ

**This was purchased by me for me and these are my own thoughts & opinions**

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