Tips To Curb Sugar Cravings

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Oh god, not another one of those lists that don’t actually help me at all’ *rolls eyes* – I hear ya! I’ve read lists like this before (with no disrespect to the authors), but they included things like ‘instead of eating a chocolate bar, have a raisin’ – are you for real? I can eat a packet of raisins, and still have room for that man size Yorkie. You may read what I have to say and think the same, but sugar cravings are something that I deal with every minute of every day because I have a massive sweet tooth so I’ve tried a lot of things to help me curb them – below are some of my favourites

1. Water

I can already see your confused expression as this one is probably worse than the raisin suggestion – but bear with me. As I work in an office, I drink a lot of water throughout the day anyway which tends to help, so if you are lacking on water intake during the day, upping that will definitely help. Something I’ve been trialing recently, is having a pint of water in a morning before I eat anything. I don’t mean chug until you feel sick, but as soon as you wake up pour out the pint of water and simply sip on that throughout the morning and don’t eat until you’re done. I try to do this before all my meals (especially on an evening) and it honestly helps your body realise when it’s full a lot quicker & stops you from over-eating

2. Nuts

I’ve never really been a big fan of eating nuts (unless they’re baked in brownies of course) but they’re actually such a great source of nutrition – I particularly love almonds. When I have been having my water in a morning & on an evening, I’ve been having a handful of nuts to go a long with it. They’re a great source of nutrition, and again make you feel a little bit more full before a big meal to curb the over eating

3. Evening Plans

If you’re like me, it’s the evening that really gets you with the snacks. I can have the healthiest breakfast & lunch, workout after work and feel so great but the longer I am sat on the sofa in front of that TV, the longer the devil on the should has to whisper ‘heey you know there’s a jar of Nutella and a spoon in the kitchen – just sayin..’

My usual routine…

  • When i’m home I get ready and go out for a walk/workout for 35-40 minutes
  • Then I cook dinner, which I’ve been spending more time on recently with healthy recipes
  • I then shower/bath and get my clothes & lunch ready for work the next day
  • BRUSH MY TEETH . Doing this early straight after eating has really helped me freshen my mouth so that if I cave on snacking it doesn’t taste as good and makes me not want to do it next time
  • Before you know it most of the evening has passed and you only have an hour or so to watch a bit of TV/read before bed!

4. Baking Healthy Treats

One thing I have really gotten into recently, is baking some healthy alternatives to sweet treats. Making the treats from scratch and avoiding all the nasty hidden extras they add to shop bought ones make the treats much healthier for you, and are guilt free when you fancy a splurge on a Saturday night! When you look at the packaging of the things you put in your body everyday, it’s actually astounding how much sugar they manage to cram into such small treats – Stevia is a great alternative to sugar so make sure it’s stocked in your pantry. I recently made some Banana Muffins which were delicious, and have plans to make lots more of these sorts of recipes. Chocolate Covered Katie is a real favourite of mine for guilt free sweet treats

5. Meditate

Of course – meditate. Everybody who knows me knows that I am THE ambassador for anything spiritual, especially meditating as the benefits are endless. Without going into all the boring details, you should definitely try it. I meditate daily, but when I’m having a particularly bad craving day it’s always good to get into the zone and om your way out of a Galaxy bar!

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