My 5 Favourite Instagram Accounts

As sad as it is to say, Instagram has become really important to me. Not in a ‘I never leave the house and i’m glued to the internet’ sort of way, but it has been so great for me in so many ways

First and foremost are the people I have ‘met’. If you follow me on Instagram you might notice all this ‘random BBG stuff’ as my friends call it! ‘BBG’ which stands for ‘Bikini Body Guide’ was created by the amazing Kayla Itsines for fitness purposes and is an incredible guide, however what also happened was an INSANE amount of women got together to form this wonderful and inspiring community of women who lift each other up & empower one another – and it so cool to be a part of it

Lastly its the creative inspiration I get when i’m on there. I admit that sometimes it can be disheartening if you’re sat there knee deep in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while someone else is posting videos working their abs and making you regret your choices, but that is also really inspiring. There have been so many times I’ve gone to bed with the best intentions to wake up for an early morning workout, but awoke feeling groggy and thinking ‘hmm maybe tomorrow’…however, as soon I as open that lovely little app and see all the amazing girls I follow working hard it inspires me to do the same – & it’s a similar story with blogging! I never would have had the confidence to start this blog if I hadn’t seen so many other girls doing similar things on Instagram & absolutely nailing it…

SO besides all the celebrities that I stalk on there there are many amazing people in between that totally inspire me and make me smile. In no particular order…

1. Itssoniaomg

Now this one is kinda cheating because she is in fact my friend, but that doesn’t take any attention away from the fact that she is an incredibly inspiring cook and her posts make me drool every single day. Her Vegan food is enough to make the biggest meat eater literally froth at the mouth, and I have her to thank for helping me transition from meat eating to vegetarianism

2. Halfwaythroughthewood

Since day 1 of Instagram this lovely lady has made me smile. She’s always there to cheer me on and keep me motivated, and the food she shares always inspire my cooking. She’s recently been cooking more plant based food which is very handy for me, and just a glance at her Instagram page with the colourful deliciousness is enough to make your eyes pop!

3. Fit_by_43

Tamara absolutely kills the workouts every single time! It’s always the posts of her working her butt off that inspire me to get off mine. She’s always working hard and has come so far since she first started, and i’m so happy to have been able to witness her incredible progress

4. Jah_BBG

The food, the workouts, the progress – everything! This lady has inspired me so much since embarking on our ‘BBG Empower’ days (which I think maybe we’re still the only ones that use that hash tag?! ha!). You can see that she puts in so much hard work every day and it totally shows with her progress. Her Instagram is always so positive & motivating and reminds me to get off the sofa and put the effort in

5. Chloe.Day.Dream

My friend introduced me to this lovely lady’s account a while ago, and i’m totally blown away by everything she does. Her plant based life style is so inspiring to me, and what has motivated me to move from Vegetarian to Vegan. If you need motivation to workout and get into shape, Chloe’s progress photos are nothing short of incredible and enough to inspire anybody that they can do it if they put in the effort!

So in a nutshell, I heart Instagram & beautifully inspiring ladies ❤

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