3 Happy Things This Week #1

Aside from physical health, I also want this blog to be about mental health and to highlight the importance of reflecting back on the previous week. It’s so important to think about all the things you love or that made you feel positive / happy. So here goes…

1. Challenging Myself
This week was a particularly tense one. On Tuesday I found out that Wednesday afternoon i’d have to present to some pretty senior people within the Business, something that I have never done (and have a dreaded fear of public speaking). I spent the day stressing, sweating and thinking of ways to get out of it but eventually the time rolled around and I went for it – and proved to myself that I really do build things up in my head. The meeting went great, and I had some really positive feedback as well as some lovely flowers from my ace boss. Finished the week feeling really proud of myself and happy i’d challenged myself. I also thought my Chinese takeaway yesterday nailed it with “You never know what you can do until you try”


2. Spending Time With The People I Love
Saturday rolled around and I was SO excited that i’d organised to get all of my lovely Bridesmaids together for a bit of few ‘ice breaking’ drinks. We got engaged at the start of April and I have since asked 7 wonderful ladies to be my Bridesmaids, but they hadn’t all necessarily met properly so it was great to get everybody together and discuss Weddings / Hen Do’s and just have such a good laugh. It ended with me rolling in past 4am (hence the hangover Chinese yesterday) but was totally worth it!


3. Getting Back Into Cooking
Cooking is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. The thought of spending the day in the kitchen has never been a chore for me, and something I really look forward to. I’ve been lacking inspiration in recent months and haven’t been putting much effort into my food at all, but this week I’ve felt so inspired to get back into it. As you can see from my first few posts this week I’ve made Chickpea & Lentil Dhal, Bean Bolognese, Butternut Squash Curry and already have a ton of ideas for future recipe posts.

Mondays can be tough, especially when you’ve had a really great weekend. Remember to take 10-15 minutes to reflect on all the great things you had going on this week 🙂

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