My 3 Favourite Sources of Plant Based Protein

Aside from “oh my goodness don’t you miss bacon?”, the 2nd most asked question is “how do you get your protein without meat?”. I used to think this way too! I’ve never been a big red meat fan, but I always ate chicken & turkey for protein as I didn’t know where else to get it from and didn’t want to deprive my body of nutrients. When I finally decided to give up meat all together, this was something I had to learn a lot about and once you know it’s easy! There are SO many plant based foods that are packed full of protein it’s actually unbelievable. Below are my favourite ways to get protein into a meat free diet!

1. Lentils
Protein: 26g per 100g
I LOVE lentils, simply because they are so versatile. On the surface they may look pretty boring, but you can add them to pretty much anything to pack your meal full of protein and I love that whatever i’m making I can chuck a few in and it immediately makes it more filling & nutritious. I mainly use these to thick up soup, in chillis, as side dishes or used to make lovely veggie burgers

2. Black Beans
Protein: 21g per 100g
To be honest black beans and lentils are about on par as my number 1 ingredients. Black beans are so incredibly nutritious and versatile, whether you’re making a savoury or sweet dish. These are often recommended to people who have Diabetes as they’re great for maintaining sugar levels. I always use these in stir frys, they’re especially used in mexican meals, can be made into delicious dips and believe it or not – incredibly gooey brownies!

3. Quinoa
Protein: 14g per 100g
Oh quinoa..I’ve been having a love affair with quinoa for quite some time now. It contains all essential amino acids the body needs, packed full of fiber and is totally gluten free! This is another ingredient that helps with blood sugar levels. I tend to use this as a substitute to rice mostly. It makes a great side dish to a veggie curry, and is fab for packing out a salad to make it more filling

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One thought on “My 3 Favourite Sources of Plant Based Protein

  1. Interesting, didnt know that lentils are more protein dense than other legumes, 🙂 i dont like soy too much, interested in any other protein info! 😃


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