The Vegan Kind Subscription #1

So I heard about The Vegan Kind subscription boxes somewhere on Instagram and I was very intrigued! I’ve been vegetarian for around a year now, and have been slowly but surely making my life more plant based

Going Vegetarian was easy for me – I loved animals, the environment and didn’t particularly like meat so the transition was a very quick and simple one. Going Vegan, however, is proving a lot more difficult because things like milk, cheese, eggs etc have been key nutrients for me over the years and it’s hard to learn how to cut these out without having any nutrient deficiencies. With time it’s getting easier – and these subscription boxes make it even more so!

I signed up last week, and received my first box on Monday and I LOVED receiving it. There’s something about receiving a parcel that’s exciting anyway, but not knowing what’s in it is even better. I’d seen some sneak previews on Instagram but was still so excited and surprised to open this box full of lovely cruelty free goodies!

As I’m a huge foodie, I opted for the ‘Lifestyle’ box over the ‘Beauty’ box as it’s majority food. It came packaged lovely and inside was packed full of treats including edible ones, but to my delight it also included some delicious smelling non edible treats too

1. Hoots Cheese & Onion Crisps
Hoots have recently launched a new recipe removing milk from these delicious crisps, and I have to say they don’t taste at all worse. I wasn’t expecting these to be as tasty and flavoursome as they were as. *Guilty as charged* I just assumed the recipe change meant they would be a little blander but I was completely wrong! They are more like mini crackers rather than crisps so as recommended by TVK I dipped some of these in hummus and they were delicious


2. Foods of Athenry Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
Oh my goodness I loved this – dipped in a hot drink was absolute perfection! These are not only vegan, but gluten & wheat free. When I saw the biscuit in the packaging I wasn’t sure if it would be quite thick and dry but it was packed full of lovely chocolate flavour and the sweet raspberry addition was perfect!


3. Good Full Stop Chocolate Orange Bar
This was nice, but not what I was expecting (probably my fault for not reading it properly and just shoving my face into it – standard). I don’t know why but I was expecting an actual milk chocolate bar without the milk and with a tangy orange zest! I’m yet to try a vegan chocolate bar so I think it was more my mind seeing what it wanted to see rather than what was in front of it, but this was a chewy chocolatey fruity nutty bar instead – still rather delicious! It is packed full of nutritious ingredients such as dates, cashews, raisins, orange peel & Belgian chocolate – yum


4. Green People SPF15 Sun Lotion
In true Emily style I picked up this product and was like ‘oh wow how do you eat this then?’ and then I realised it was sun cream *monkey over eyes emoji*. I absolutely LOVE this cream!! It is SPF15 and rich in antioxidants, but it’s the smell that made me head over heels in love. You know that distinct spa smell that’s so beautiful and relaxing? As soon as I opened it I felt like I was heading in for a candle lit massage – I wasn’t and that was disappointing but still an incredible product! I’m going to Italy in a few weeks and can’t wait to use this lovely lotion smelling great and knowing that it is completely cruelty free!


5. Granovita Vegetable Pate
Oh that’s right, say it with me now, vegetable – pate! Can you believe it? I didn’t even know this sorcery existed, but I suppose that’s why I subscribed to these boxes! I had a quick try of this on a cracker and it is so delicious. It is obviously dairy free, but also gluten free and has a rich herby taste and a great thick texture. After visiting Granovita’s website, there are so many other Vegan products I know i’m going to have to try!


6. Smooze Coconut & Mango Fruit Ice
Last but by no means least is Smooze Fruit Ices. Recently I’ve been having some mega ice lolly cravings, probably because of this bizarre humid British weather we’re having, so these could not have come at a better time! I adore coconut and mango, so the flavours were perfect for me. You just pop these babies in the freezer and within a couple of hours you’re refreshing and hydrating yourself with a delicious fruity ice lolly that leaves the taste buds tingling! These are definitely my new favourite ice lolly’s and I can’t wait to try more of Smooze’s products


Overall The Vegan Kind get a big thumbs up from me! For the Lifestyle box with postage it is £13.99 which is such incredible value for money, and I already can’t wait for next month’s box!

**This was purchased by me for me and these are my own thoughts & opinions**

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