Bean Bolognese

As you can tell from my previous post, my Sunday was spent with Madeleine Shaw (not literally of course, don’t panic Madeleine). After discovering a few of her recipes I couldn’t wait to try them so as well the Lentil & Chickpea Dhal, I also thought i’d try out her bean bolognese and I wasn’t disappointed!

Again, a lot of these ingredients were staple ingredients of mine that I had in the cupboard, I just needed to pick up a few fresh ingredients at the market which didn’t cost me much at all – and this makes a pretty large batch! I’d say between 6 & 8 portions.


What do I need?

– 2tbsp of coconut oil
– 1 large white onion
– 2 garlic cloves
– 2sp of ground cumin
– 1 tsp of smoked paprika
– 1 fresh red chilli
– 1 tsp of dried oregano
– 1 sweet potato
– 2 celery sticks
– 1 carrot
– 2 cans of kidney beans or black beans (I used kidney)
– 2 cans of chopped tomatoes
– 250ml of vegetable stock
– 1 tsp of salt
– 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder
– 6 courgettes to serve with courgetti!

How do I do it?

To start with I chopped the veg into cubes (carrot, celery & sweet potato) and diced the onions and garlic. After that I heated the coconut oil in a large pot, and threw in the onion, cumin, chilli, smoked paprika & oregano. I cooked this for a few minutes and added a pinch of salt!


Once these were suitably brown I added the veg from earlier and let it saute for a few more minutes. Next, I poured in the tomatoes, kidney beans, cacao & stock with another dash of salt & a sprinkle of pepper


I covered and let this cook for around 45 minutes, going back and stirring every 10 minutes or so so it didn’t go too thick and stick to the pan! As I made this for a family dinner the next day, it was left overnight and thickened even further and was delicious! You can serve this with courgetti, spaghetti, rice or just on it’s own! It’s packed full of flavour and all the vegetables make it really filling – perfect bowl for winter

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